Regardless of the circumstances of somebody’s death, you can always phone us first at (09) 477 2433 and we will talk you through what happens. We will liaise with rest homes, hospitals, doctors and the coroner’s office if needed, ensuring that all necessary documentation is prepared.

We will attend to bring the person who has died in to our care as quickly as possible, however, sometimes it is important for family to spend some time with the person before that happens. This will be coordinated in discussion with your family and the funeral director. The process of wrapping the person’s body and moving on to our stretcher is something that family members are more than welcome to be a part of.

When you are ready to discuss the funeral arrangements we will meet with you wherever is most convenient, usually in the comfort of your home or at the Windsor Funerals office. We work with you to make sure your family member gets the farewell they deserve, as well as taking care of all the paperwork.

There are benefits to taking your time and thinking things through before any important decisions are made. We ensure that you don’t feel rushed and that everything is done in your time. If you have family holidaying or living overseas, you may wish to talk to them before meeting with us.