Families will often choose burial for religious or cultural reasons, or to have their loved one be with a family member who has died before them. If families do not already have a plot available, there are options at various local cemeteries. It is important to consider what kind of headstone or plaque you would like when choosing a plot as there can be restrictions on what is placed in certain areas of the cemetery.


Cremation is definitely the most popular choice in Auckland currently, perhaps because of the significant cost advantage over burial. Whether a family chooses a simple cremation with no funeral service, a small intimate farewell, or a full funeral followed by a cremation, Windsor Funerals will assist and support the family with their wishes.

When a cremation follows a funeral service, there are several different options. You may wish to watch the hearse leave from the funeral and not continue to the crematorium. Some families wish to follow the hearse for the final journey to the crematorium, saying a private goodbye within the grounds, or even holding a private committal service prior to cremation.

All decisions are a family’s personal choice.


Embalming slows the natural decomposition of the deceased. It is highly recommended if you wish to have a person’s body at home, if there is to be viewing several days after death, or if there is expected to be a delay of more than a few days before the funeral service is held. The recommendation to embalm will only come after careful consideration by the funeral director of the circumstances and is often not necessary.

We do understand that many people now do not want embalming to take place and will always do what we can to accommodate a family’s wishes.

Our mortuary care is carried out by a qualified member of the New Zealand Embalmers Association.


There is a vast selection of caskets available to families and your funeral director will have photos of all the options and styles. From traditional to contemporary options, your choice in casket can be a great way to personalise a farewell that truly reflects a life well lived.


Spending time with the person who has died can often be very comforting for families. We have a small private room for this purpose (see our Service Venues page), or sometimes families wish for the person to be brought home. Photos, letters, notes, flowers and other symbolic items may be placed in the casket at this time. (Some items are not permitted to be cremated so please discuss this with your funeral director).


Windsor Funerals has a dedicated and experienced florist that can provide casket or venue flowers. Alternatively you may have a family member, florist or friend that you wish to use.

Sometimes families do not require an arrangement of flowers for the casket and might instead have a framed photo, single rose or some personal items such as a musical instrument or golf clubs.

Service Sheets

We can arrange the design and printing of service sheets. These usually contain photos, details of the funeral service and sometimes hymns, readings, and poems.

Bookmarks are also becoming a popular option, especially where there is a preference for a simpler farewell.

Newspaper Notices

Funeral notices are the most usual way of letting friends, colleagues and extended family know when someone has died and the details of the funeral service. There are online options available to families also and Windsor Funerals can assist you with these.

A question you will be asked initially by the funeral director is whether the deceased is to be buried or cremated as there is different paperwork that needs to be completed by the attending doctor depending on what decision is made.